Jo Chedgey
singer/musician for special occasions
My Wedding day with Jo Chedgey
by Claire Cordell

When I first met Jo, I remember making a mental note that if and when I ever got married, I would want her to sing at my wedding.

At that point I hadnít heard her sing, I just thought she was a fantastic person, with a wonderful face, and I just knew she would be good. I essentially was sold on her!

We decided to get married this year after all, and I tracked down Joís details at the registry office. When I contacted her, she was very enthusiastic and we made an appointment for her to come over. She was very flexible and came to our house one evening after the babies were in bed. She was very at ease, and discussed what we wanted and what she thought, and sang for us that first time. We were, its fair to say blown away. Jo has a heavenly quality about her and itís there in her voice, it really was beautiful.

She was very flexible too, and we looked at the options. The whole meeting was very unrushed and fun. When she left we had a very good feeling about our luck in booking Jo at such sort notice, it felt serendipitous! We also asked her if she could do a slot in the evening, which she needed time to consider. We were thrilled when she could.

Joís whole approach was very professional, she went and checked out the church and spoke to the priest on her own accord. We e-mailed and spoke to each other several times running up to the wedding, and she continued to be really enthusiastic about our big day.

On the wedding day Jo looked fabulous and sang so beautifully, (she made us all cry! – my mother was beside herself!) She was perfect for the job! – We also felt her fee was fair, and worth every penny.

The evening performance was quite different, bluesy, funky and fun. Dancing with David, to Jo singing ĎCanít help loving that man of mine,í is one of my best memories of the evening.

Would I recommend Jo? Definitely, she is a true professional with a truly magnificent voice. And one of the best parts is that she knows she is blessed and she loves what she does.

It reminded me of a saying by W. H. Auden:
ĎThose with a true gift, owe it to the rest of us to use ití

“She has that special gift of sharing
her passion for singing with her audience.
Lovely songs, lovely singer”

Chris Liddiard, The White Horse Folk Club

  Jo singing