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◊ Mother to Me
recording © Jo Chedgey

d'Anam Alainn' is here!
The debut album from singer/songwriter Jo Chedgey
is a simple & extraordinary blend of Irish folk, blues and spiritual.
"Songs from the Heart, to touch your Soul."
Translated from the Gaelic as 'Your Beautiful Soul',
it is an album of 11 songs, 10 of which are written by Jo,
plus the ever popular 'Moondance' by Van Morrison.
It is now available to buy for £11.50 including Postage and Packaging.
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D'Anam Alainn (Your Beautiful Soul)

D'Anam Alainn, your bright soul
Sometimes hidden, sometimes quiet
But always with you
D'anam alainn

You sometimes forget my friend
From breath to breath
In the busyness of your day
D'anam alainn

May the angel of life, of good, of peace
Bring kindness to you now
She holds your hand and you remember
D'anam alainn

You have it all in your hands my friend
Beauty, time and grace
Step lightly, shine brightly
With d'anam alainn

Below are a few of my most requested songs for Special Occasions...

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◊ Fields of Gold

◊ A Blessing Song - May the road rise with you
recording © Jo Chedgey 2007.

◊ Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man

◊ La Bamba

◊ Blue Moon

◊ Wait til Darkness Come © Jo Chedgey 1994
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“I still remember your voice, it was just so enchanting and amazing”
Omar Miah, London

  d'Anam Alainn